It’s HEADACHE and MIGRAINE Awareness week!

Did you know that,

????4.9 Million Aussies experience migraine
???? 23% of households have one person experiencing migraine
???? 7 million people suffer tension-type headaches (Men more than women!)
???? 60% of migraine and tension-type headache sufferers experience reduced ability in social activities and work capacity

Are you one of these statistics?
Do you want to regain control?

Headaches and migraines are a real problem in today’s society. Close to 20% of our Australian population suffers a headache of some form.

Your headache may have been diagnosed as:
???? Tension Type – dull, aching, often two sides of the scalp
???? Cervicogenic headache – implying it comes from the spine 
???? Migraine – can have ‘aura’ including vision changes, one-sided, throbbing and severe
???? Chronic Daily Headache – a daily, all over, dull diffuse headache

No Headache should go un-diagnosed.

From the low grade ‘once-a-week’ headache to the severe ‘migraine-type’ headache or constant tension-type headache. ????

Find the cause!

Ever thought the neck was involved to be told ‘it’s not’, so no one has ever touched it?

Don’t put up with it a minute longer!

Essentially the research now suggests that the upper neck segments (C1-3) are involved in headaches approximately 90% of the time. Even migraines – which was believed for a long long time to be related to blood flow to the head and neck. Yes, there’s hope with those living with migraines yet!

Our Osteopaths are trained to:
 Take a detailed headache and neck history
 Assess the neck
 Diagnose the headache
 Treat the neck with a variety of techniques to help restore movement
 Give you advice to help yourself at home

Take the time to have your neck assessed because research is supporting the role of the upper neck in headaches.

At Osteobalance we take your headache seriously.

Is it time to try something new for your headache?

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