1. Shoulder blade stabilisation

It’s important to ensure these muscles are working well, together to maximise movement and reduce the risk of injury.

2. Improving mid-back mobility

If we are sitting at our desks or sedentary for too long – we end up a little ‘stuck’ in our mid-back region. When we become stiff and perhaps ‘hunched’ in our mid-back (bra strap region ladies!) our shoulder is already mechanically disadvantaged.

3. Spikey ball use

One of the most utilised regions of the body, the shoulder muscles are almost always working very hard! This means without proper cool-downs, stretching and rolling, the muscles may become tight!

The spikey ball is a great way to apply self-massage principles to yourself to reduce muscle tension and maximise motion

We suggest using it to release off the pecs, the backs of the shoulders and even the base of the neck!

4. Range of Motion

It’s simple, if we can encourage the range of motion of the shoulder, along with our other 3 tips we mentioned, you’re on the way to having a happy shoulder.

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