Shoulder Pain it’s the worst!

Is it keeping you up at night? Can’t lie on your arm?
 stopping you from reaching above your head? Giving you sharp pain?
 an ache, even when at rest?

Here are our tips to help with this pain!

1. Are you sleeping with your arms above your head? See if you can avoid this first and foremost. It’s hard! We get it! But it’s contributing.

2. Tight pecs and poor posture? It’s time to spikey ball those bad boys or even stretch!

Tight pecs lead to being ‘hunched over’ so you’re already at a disadvantage when it comes to moving your shoulders effectively.

Might be time to check out your desk set up while you’re at it!

3. Traction!

Use a weight (start with <1kg) and hang the arm off the bed or lean over the benchtop to help you traction the shoulder and give everything a little space in there! (stay tuned for our video!)

Got shoulder pain? Had enough? Book an appointment today.