Dry Needling

Dry Needling at our Ballarat Practice

Dry needling uses the same needles as acupuncture – thin filament needles used to relieve tension in specific points of muscular and myofascial tension, without the use of injectables. Each needle is single use and the area sterilized with an alcohol swap before we begin.

A form of soft tissue therapy, myofascial dry needling – or intramuscular stimulation – involves the insertion of solid needles into myofascial trigger points – points of tension and sensitivity in the connective tissue surrounding muscles.

OsteoBalance Ballarat dry needling

Dry  needling is a great adjunct to osteopathic treatment with the aim of reducing muscular and myofascial pain, as it stimulates the muscles at a deeper level than we can with our hands.

Used in conjunction with our osteopathic techniques, it is used to address individual points of pain within the body, making it potentially useful not only for athletes suffering from sporting injuries, but for anyone with a persistent painful tension in a specific muscle.

As the needles are solid, the procedure does not involve the injection of any substance into the body – relief is achieved through careful placement of the needle into the myofascial trigger point.

Overactive and tight muscles can contain ‘trigger points’ and releasing them can be integral to your recovery. The basis of dry needling is more of the anatomical and neurophysiology background, rather than the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach.

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Pain relief

Patients with headaches, upper and lower back pain, jaw pain, neck pain or sports injuries affecting joints and soft tissue may find the treatment brings relief.

Your history

At Osteobalance we use your medical and complaint history, and assessments to confirm if this treatment modality is right for you and your condition.

Holistic treatment

Dry needling is used within our osteopathic treatments and not as a sole treatment method.  Please speak to us about the best option to suit your needs.