In the case that your healthcare provider has suggested an injection to assist with the pain and inflammation, the treatment doesn’t just end there!

The pain is likely to have emerged from pre-existing mechanical change through the joint and muscles. The masking effects of an injection may temporarily ease the discomfort, but there is still work to be done! Correct the underlying cause of the problem to begin with‼

The potential reduction in pain gained from the injection can allow for more effective means of exercise and manual therapy.

We suggest talking to your practitioner about when the right time is to get stuck into the reason for the pain in the first place!

We sadly have soo many patients post cortisone injection who just don’t understand why their pain is back!

Here’s how it happens:
???? dysfunction occurs. Trauma or no trauma, the joint doesn’t move well
???? the body compensates…. muscles tighten
???? over time, pain begins to appear……perhaps becomes chronic even though maybe you’ve attempted to help yourself
???? cortisone injection
???? pain relief, muscles may ease off……

the dysfunction or the movement malfunction is still occurring

in some cases, the pain may return

Can you see what’s happened here? A Band-aid has occured (it may not have been able to be avoided!) but the reason for the pain in the first place hasn’t been removed.

SO if you’ve had a cortisone injection, just don’t think the battle is over, because it may have a little way to go yet!

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