Myofascial Dry Needling at Our Ballarat Clinic

A form of soft tissue therapy, myofascial dry needling – or intramuscular stimulation – involves the insertion of solid needles into myofascial trigger points – points of tension and sensitivity in the connective tissue surrounding muscles. Often used in combination with other manual therapies, it is often deployed to address individual points of pain in the body, making it potentially useful not only for athletes suffering from sporting injuries, but for anyone with a persistent painful tension in a specific muscle.

As the needles are solid, the procedure does not involve the injection of any substance into the body – relief is achieved through careful placement of the needle into the trigger point. Osteo Balance offers dry needling at our Wendouree clinic, helping people across the Ballarat, Ararat and Beaufort areas manage a range of complaints including soreness, muscular tightness or general stiffness.

Helping you reach your full potential

Used both as a standalone and an adjunct treatment alongside massage therapy and other modalities, dry needling has been used to great effect by Erin, helping people from diverse backgrounds with a range of issues manage their pain. Patients with headaches, upper and lower back pain, jaw pain, neck pain or sports injuries affecting joints and soft tissue may find the treatment brings relief.

The treatment’s ability to relieve muscular tension has made it useful for athletes competing in sports or disciplines that require flexibility and greater muscle control, but anyone who’s concerned about a persistent ache could find relief through dry needling, so start a conversation with Erin today and find out if intramuscular stimulation is right for you.

Discuss your needs with our staff

Osteo Balance is a modern osteopathic clinic delivering utilising a range of treatment modalities to help patients overcome injury and pain and achieve their health and fitness goals. Working closely with you, Erin will create a personalised treatment and management plan bringing together both in-clinic practices and at-home self-directed stretches and exercises.

During your one-hour initial consultation, we’ll take a comprehensive approach to your health, examining your full medical history and lifestyle in addition to doing an orthopaedic assessment to decide on the most appropriate course of action. Depending on the diagnosis, you may be treated using massage therapy or joint manipulation, or a combination of several techniques.

For more information or to make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact Erin on (03) 5339 4594, or send her a message either via email at or through our contact page.