Our team

  • Dr. Erin Tout

    Erin completed her five years of Osteopathic study at RMIT University Bundoora, Victoria. She is dedicated to educating the community about their bodies and what osteopathy can do for anyone. Osteopathic treatment can be adapted to suit the condition and the individual, and she believes strongly that, in the right hands, the potential for healing is endless. Erin has a keen interest for the treatment of headaches and migraines, pre and post natal women, sporting injuries and back pain.


  • Dr. Laura Addinsall

    Laura completed her 5 years of osteopathic study at Victoria University receiving a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy). She has since completed further study in myofascial dry needling to complement her Osteopathic treatment.

    Laura has worked at local AFL football and netball clubs treating both acute and chronic sporting injuries. As well as sporting injuries she has an interest in treating chronic postural problems that often cause neck and upper back aches and pains. She believes in finding the cause of the pain and not just treating the symptoms in order to produce a longer lasting outcome.

  • Dr. Troy Toby

    Troy Toby graduated as an Osteopath in 2007 working for the next eight years in Queensland and managing his own business for four. In 2014 he graduated from RMIT with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and has worked in several Osteopathic clinics since moving to Victoria in 2015. Troy primarily treats as a Structural Osteopath focusing predominantly on deep soft tissue massage, stretch and joint manipulation; additionally he has completed studies in Visceral, Myofascial and Cranio-sacral methods of treatment.

    Troy’s main areas of interests are in the treatment of lower back pain, rib dysfunction, headache and sporting injuries in the martial arts.